Our commitments

Key figures

  • 1930
    year the company was created
  • 427
  • € 74M
    in turnover
  • 3
    product families: cured meats, prepared foods, smoked fish
Nos différentes implantations

6 production sites, 1 logistics platform

Developing and respecting our land 

Creating value for our land

Boosting the activity and attractiveness of our land and contributing to its cultural and economic influence have always been two of the top priorities for Guyader Gastronomie. They now help us to create and expand our partnerships with local suppliers and foster regular dialogue with Breton associations and economic players. Promoting regional heritage and diversity as well as helping to maintain local employment are at the heart of our involvement in favour of responsible and sustainable territorial development.

Protecting the environment 

Putting sustainable development at the heart of our strategy

As a food company, our duty is to preserve our natural resources, i.e. the land and the sea that produce our products. That is why we strive to develop responsible and sustainable procurement policies and production methods.

Innovating and ensuring quality

Innovating and ensuring the best practices in all our business activities

The men and women of Guyader Gastronomie are caretakers of a unique culinary heritage. They work with fresh produce, fish and meat and produce quality products that meet the requirements of consumers. That is why we are devoted to preserving, passing on and maintaining our skills and expertise. These skills and expertise are the pillars of the conservation of our activities on our land, the foundation of our growth. Guaranteeing the performance of our products by constantly investing in our sites, maintaining and enriching our skills through a new recruitment policy and comprehensive training programs and creating new product categories are the driving factors of this ambition.

Guyader and Sailing

A long-standing human and regional commitment,

which marked our involvement in the nautical and maritime culture of Cornouaille. Guyader has often supported both sailors and regattas. Since the partnership with the Société des Régates de Douarnenez began in 2011, sponsoring the Grand Prix appears to be the flagship of the vast ecosystem that the brand has recently developed around sailing. Guyader and sailing is ultimately a story of a passion built on a foundation of deeply shared values: innovation, promoting a diverse territory, the taste of quality and of work well done, openness to the world, human strength, perseverance and endurance. Values that give meaning to Guyader’s commitment alongside key players of the sailing world.