Cured meats

Full of regional tradition, cured meats are a gourmet way of life and part of our company’s historical expertise.

We draw our inspiration from our Breton roots, our travels and our appreciation of good food. 
Guyader cured meats are prepared in our workshops in Saint-Agathon (22) and Fouesnant (29) and perfect for lunches on the go and picnics with family or friends.

We have been committed since 1930 to developing our products - French country-style terrines, cured meats, andouille sausages and tripe - in the respect of quality traditional pork products.

Made from carefully selected certified (Red Label, Organic, "Le Cochon de Bretagne") ingredients of French origin, our
pâtés are baked slowly at low temperature in traditional ovens. This cooking method preserves all the flavours of the product, giving it a beautiful "crispy" appearance on the outside and a meltingly soft texture on the inside.

Also, treat yourself to one of our
gourmet terrines, featuring new delicious, light and all natural flavours. They offer innovative recipes combining cooked meats and garden fresh herbs.

Finally, every year, we are dedicated to creating a new range of festive holiday cured meats for your year-end celebrations including white pudding, game terrines, entremets, etc. There are a number of recipes to choose from, combining our expertise in cured meats and flavourful festive dishes: foie gras, truffles, morel mushrooms, figs, etc. Refined cured meats, ideal for your holiday cocktail parties and celebratory dinners.

Guyader cured meat is a philosophy between Terroir and Innovation in order to move with the times. Revamped or in its more traditional shape, enjoy them on every occasion !

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